HUNTER from Marc Linnhoff on Vimeo.

Directed, Shot & Edited by Marc Linnhoff -
Music by Broad Rush - Label : Dub All Or Nothing

With : Clarisse Hagenmuller, Denis Jelly, Pierre Riff, Joffrey Schmidt, Sandrine Pirès, Marine Gardeux, Sylvain Clauser Routier, Anne Sophie Gole, Jonathan Lagrave

Sponsored by Frank Linnhoff
DP : Dom Pichard aka P-mod
DP Assistant : Ludovic Haas
Camera Assistant : Vladimir Lutz
Make-Up & Hair : Anne-Ka Lejeal, Sophie Renier, Elsa Parmentier
Costume : Adèle Wucher
Barbecue Spit made by Christophe Fruh
Skull made by Jean Linnhoff

Special thanks to Brigitte Desforges, Kevin Linnhoff, Frank Linnhoff, Jean-Marie Hagenmuller, Elodie Heitz aka Mnémo, Jacques Roth, Bouna, Jo, Delphine Lagrave, Famille Lejeal, Ross Middleton, La Clairière - Longemer

Backstage photos by P-mod :

Shot on BMCC